comfort food redefined


Main Course

All entrees come with the chef’s vegetable of the day unless otherwise specified

G Grilled Heluka Pork “Secreto”
Palisade apple roesti, dijon-whiskey demi 26


Chicken & Dumplings
dark meat chicken under brick, pumpkin dumplings,
autumn vegetable veloute  27


G Pumpkin Seed Crusted Ruby Red Trout
fall spiced spaghetti squash, autumn vegetable hash,
toasted butternut squash coulis 25

Pastrami Meatloaf
North American Elk and Angus beef, gruyere mashed potatoes,
sauerkraut, gaufrettes, 1000 island glaze, glace de viande  25


G/V * Western Slope Lasagna,
Palisade vegetables, housemade ricotta, tomato sauce,
gluten free pasta, parmesan cheese   20

Nightly Entrée Specials