comfort food redefined


Main Course

All entrees come with the chef’s vegetable of the day unless otherwise specified

G * 10oz Wagyu New York Strip Steak,
chimi churri paste, red wine mashed potatoes,
roasted garlic demi, fried plantains 36

* Potato Wrapped Salmon
hearty winter vegetable panzanella, parsnip puree,
meyer lemon pink peppercorn vinaigrette 28

G Pad See Ew,
Maine mussels, oyster sauce, stir fry vegetables,
gluten free sweet soy, bean sprouts, Thai basil, rice noodles 22

Duck Confit & Cheese Enchiladas,
salsa verde, Spanish rice, black beans, cilantro lime crème fraiche 27 

G Mixed Game Plate,
braised beef short rib, elk jalapeño cheddar sausage,
smashed confit fingerling potatoes, fried parsnips, lingonberry braising liquid 33 

V Vegetarian Falafel,
Goat horn falafel, house naan, white bean hummus ,
pickled red onion arugula quinoa salad, cucumber yogurt sauce 17



• Green Chili Cheese Mac-n-Cheese 7.5                
• House Pickle Plate 5                    
• White Bean Hummus & Grilled Naan 6              
• Chefs Vegetable of the Day 4
• Smoked Trout Dip, House Potato Chips 8            
• Red Wine Mashed Potatoes 4
House Cut “Breck Fries,” madras curry aioli 7