comfort food redefined



Soup Chef’s flavor of the day 8

G Caramelized Chili Brussel Sprout Salad,  
baby arugula, bacon lardons, almonds, dates, Bellabantum (cow’s milk) cheese,
pink peppercorn balsamic vinaigrette 11

* Cheese Board or Charcuterie Board,
house lavosh, seasonal jam, pickles
Duet of Cheese 9
Duet of Charcuterie 10

Papas Bravas,
overnight braised beef brisket, garlic cheese curds,
goat horn chili aioli 12

2 Biscuit Lobster Sliders
house buttermilk biscuits, lobster salad, saffron aioli 12

Grilled Flatbread
house grilled flatbread, Italian salami spread,
Meredith farms sheep’s-goats cheese, baby arugula 13



Ham & Cheese Mac & Cheese Virginia ham,
herb crust, double cheddar cream sauce

G Mexican Style French Onion Dip
caramelized chorizo, house corn tortilla chips 8

G Sweet n Sour Roasted Cauliflower
sticky tamarind sauce 9

 G Marinated Olive & Pickle Plate,
Mediterranean olives, assorted house pickles 6.5

 Philly Cheesesteak Egg Roll
roasted bell peppers, caramelized onions,
Tillamook cheddar, Worcestershire syrup  6.5